It's always lovely to hear how useful and popular Chiggs Wheels are. Here are a few emails, letters and tweets that we have received about the Wheels:

Via Twitter "@ChiggsHQ I gave a Baby Feed Wheel to a friend - she swears by it as the best invention ever!!"

"Dear Chiggs, having recently been put on a course of antibiotics I was having difficulty remembering what time I had taken the capsules.. So I purchased one of your medicine wheels and I think it is brilliant. So simple yet so effective. !! No more worries. Many thanks

"Fab idea!"

Via Facebook "Can't tell you how much these wheels helped our sanity when we had the twins! Simple but so effective - like all the best ideas!"

"We put the feeding wheel to immediate excellent use. It was a godsend in those early days when most of your brain has deserted you and remembering such a simple thing is beyond you! It's a fantastic product and we have recommended it to many. Thanks."

"An excellent idea for new Mums and Dads!"

Get well soon card

"Can I just say how fantastic the Baby Wheel is. My cousin had her first baby last week, so I ordered her a wheel. Not only was the wheel sent on the day I ordered it, but my cousin says it's the most useful thing she has and that she's used it constantly."

"Read about your cards in Sunday colour supplement and thought what a fantastic idea."

"What a lovely idea. Well Done!"

"Arrived this morning, wow I'm impressed with the speedy delivery! My baby is due in 4 days so hopefully I'll be able to use it soon, I'm sure it will be a godsend."

"My friend has just messaged me to say that the Feed Wheel is " the most useful thing I have been given, thank you!""

Get Well Soon

"Fab idea, will be passing your details on to friends."

"I have recently just had my second baby and was delighted when a friend sent through the post to me your Baby Feed Wheel, it has made my life so much easier. Having a toddler to look after as well makes remembering the feed time a nightmare."

"This is an excellent idea I wish someone had bought me one when I had my daughter!"

"Morning Elizabeth, I have received your baby wheels, they are SUPERB !!!! So many of the people I have shown have said what a brilliant idea, was thinking of getting in touch with our local paper, would that be ok with you ?"

"Just a note to say thank you for the card you sent to my daughter in Plymouth. The service was "first class" as the card arrived the morning after I ordered it and they were over the moon, in use as I write. Thanks again."

"Elizabeth, saw your feed wheel in the Sunday Express mag yesterday, my friend is having twins and I thought what a fab present it would be! Thanks for the inspiration! I am going to tell all my friends!"

"Thank you so much for your extremely prompt service, the baby feed wheels are lovely."

"Dear Elizabeth, many thanks for the baby feed wheels which arrived today. Excellent product and thank you for the speedy delivery. I have already put mine to good use and the other two are on their way to needed homes!"

Get Well Soon

"Many thanks for the speedy service. They are fantastic. I saw them featured a few weeks ago in the Sunday Express magazine and have not been disappointed."

"I'm sure my friends will love these wheels - could have done with one myself when mine were born - many years ago....."

Silver Award winner

Practical Parenting Magazine

"Our Ed loves this simple but brilliant feeding wheel – get one now before baby arrives! "

Practical Parenting magazine

"Many thanks for the baby feed wheels which arrived today. Excellent product and thank you for the speedy delivery. I have already put mine to good use and the other two are on their way to needed homes! "

Sunday Express "S" Magazine

"Clever ideas – a brainwave: the Baby Feed Wheel. It’s a congratulations card with its own dial to record the time of the last feed."

Sunday Express magazine

"I received it this morning - it's really cute and above all - practical!! Thanks for getting it to me so quickly. "