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Nursery Industry Magazine

Article in Nursery Industry trade magazine

Will the patriotic fever surrounding the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics encourage consumers to boost the UK economy by buying British made products such as Chiggs Wheels? We hope so!


Theo Paphitis tweets about Chiggs

Dragons Den stalwart (and, may we say, our very favourite Dragon) Theo Paphitis has been running a weekly initiative on twitter called #sbs.

The hashtag on Twitter is a way of following a conversation between lots of Tweeple about a certain subject- in this case the subject is Small Business Sunday. Every Sunday small businesses from all over the UK post a little bit of info about their business including the #sbs hashtag, and Theo Paphitis picks just 5 of the businesses he likes the look of, and retweets to his thousands of followers. And Theo chose to retweet about Chiggs!

Nursery Industry Trade magazine

Nursery Industry

"Chiggs, Inventors and wholesale suppliers of the Baby Feed Wheel are celebrating their 5th birthday with a Silver Award from BizzieBaby."

Gift Focus Magazine

Gift Focus

"Complementing the Baby Feed Wheel and Baby Medicine Wheel, the Get Well Wheel is a handy get well soon card with a dial to record medicine times. The Get Well Wheel is designed as an ideal gift for relatives or friends taking regular medication."

Families Magazine

Families Magazine

"Wheel inspiration! The Baby Feed Wheel is the inspiration of Harrogate mum, Elizabeth Geldart. Parents with Baby Feed Wheels no longer need to remember when baby had his or her last feed - they just set the dial to record the time and it provides a reminder."

Nursery Industry Magazine

Nursery Industry

“When it comes to feeding, what do mothers buy?”

Nursery Industry

"The Get Well Wheel has a dial to help parents record children's medicine ideal add-on sale or impulse buy"

"Baby Wheel Helps New Mums Keep Track!"

Most mums will know how easy it is to forget the simplest things when you have just given birth - like 'when did I last feed the Baby?!'The Wheel is an ingenious little device which has a wheel numbered 1 -12 which you simply set to show when you last fed the baby"

"Local mum's award hope"

A Harrogate mum is in the running for a top national award after setting up a business which helps other young mothers keep track of vital information.
Chiggs Wheels is the brainchild of 38 year-old former air stewardess Elizabeth Geldart who designed and patented cards which have a dial to record medicine and feed times.
The Baby Feed Wheel was inspired by the dilemma faced by a friend whose post-partum sleep deprivation meant she couldn't remember her new-born baby's last feed.
The Baby Medicine Wheel followed to help parents keep track of medication given to their children while the Get Well Wheel is ideal for recording older children's medicine times - either as a "get well soon" card, or as a gift for anyone taking medication.
Ms Geldart is now in the running in the Remote Worker category at the BT Home Business Awards, announced at the Great Connaught Rooms in London on Thursday (Sept 1).

Pregnancy & Birth Magazine

Pregnancy and Birth Magazine

“Wheelie Good – As a sleep deprived new parent, you’ll have trouble remembering your own name at times, let alone the last time you fed your newborn. But this clever hand-decorated Baby Feed Wheel from Chiggs. will give you one less thing to stress about…”

Greetings Today Magazine

Greetings Today

"These gorgeous Baby Feed Wheel cards are available in blue, pink and lemon, and are complemented by a Get Well Wheel and a Baby Medicine Wheel, perfect for busy mums everywhere."

Early Times Magazine

Early Times Magazine

"Meet the Mumtrepeneurs! Baby Medicine Wheel... helps parents keep track of medicine times when caring for a poorly infant. The Baby Feed a unique gift to send to family and friends expecting or celebrating a new arrival."

"Putting a new spin on parking discs."

"It was while visiting a friend and her new born baby that Elizabeth Geldart had a sudden idea that has thrust her into a whole new career.Watching her sleep-deprived friend trying to remember when she last fed her screaming baby, Elizabeth remarked that life would be so much easier if they just had something like a car parking disc which could be set to the time of the last feed."

"Most new baby cards are sweet, but few are truly useful!"

"It might sound silly, but when you've just got into the swing of feeding your baby, and recovering from the birth, it's easy to loose track of how recently your baby has had his milk. If you're going for a regimented sleeping regime, the wheel is handy for that too."

Silver Award

Lisa Awarded The Chiggs Baby Feed Wheel 5/5 "Looks great and is a great product, lovely gift too. Packaging very good especially for a gift. Instructions very easy to understand. Great because I forget what time last feed was? I found using this made it easier to care for baby as if baby crying look to see when last feed was. Certainly helped me become more in tune with baby’s natural feeding and sleeping rhythms. We used this wheel 24 hours a day. Quality is superb. Extremely good value for money and would consider buying more and also as a gift. Would recommend without hesitation. Excellent product for you or for a gift and I would be lost without it, shame I never had one with my first baby."

Eloise Awarded The Chiggs Baby Feed Wheel 5/5 "Looked good quality and was keen to try it out. Packaging very good. Instructions very easy to follow. Loved this item as kept me abreast of time I last fed Rebecca. Really helped me keep in tune with my baby’s sleep and feeding patterns and by using this knew exactly when I had last fed Rebecca which made everything so much easier. We used this day and night and found it to be a ‘Must Have’. Excellent quality and amazing value for money. I must admit I could not be without this now. As a first time mum this has been a fantastic product to have. Have already recommended to everyone. Brilliant product and helps you so much."

Harrogate Advertiser logo award
Practical Parenting Magazine

"Our Ed loves this simple but brilliant feeding wheel – get one now before baby arrives! "

Practical Parenting magazine

"Many thanks for the baby feed wheels which arrived today. Excellent product and thank you for the speedy delivery. I have already put mine to good use and the other two are on their way to needed homes! "

Sunday Express "S" Magazine

"Clever ideas – a brainwave: the Baby Feed Wheel. It’s a congratulations card with its own dial to record the time of the last feed."

Sunday Express magazine

"I received it this morning - it's really cute and above all - practical!! Thanks for getting it to me so quickly. "